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by Taniwha Road

Superheroes, Can they also be everyday bad guys or in this case a bad gal?


Very sneaky of you to mark this as a city finalist, abusing the system!!! ahahahah.

Taniwha Road are one of the best and most impressive school teams in the competition and are really great at upping the ante every year, and while they've impressed me before with their filmmaking ingenuity, this year they have stepped up their game with some VERY impressive camera work and some VERY nicely looking shots. Everything with the scientist looks incredible, well done gang.

The story is funny too, with some awesome twists and turns. The Lime scooter joke is great as well.

Things you got right: You seem to respond to feedback better than any other school team and it really shows - so keep improving! I could easily see Taniwha Road being verteran finalists in the coming years.

Things to work on for next time; Maybe consistency? While at its best this film is very impressive, there are still a few shots and a few story beats which feel amateur. It really is just a case of maturing as filmmakers and learning new skills. I'd recommend you start trying to make stuff year round if you don't already!

City finalist? Did I miss something? Pretty surprised you can self-mark as a finalist?! But for a school team this had some incredible moments throughout, with really impressive VFX and graphic work and some genuinely amazing cinematic moments achieved through camerawork, lighting and good sound design.

Like the lab stuff was out of this world. But it did also have a couple of moments not quite as pronounced such as the interview near the start. Did this give the film a handheld verite feel? A little bit, sure, but I would have personally loved to have seen the whole thing at the amazing level I saw at times. Keep that up in particular the difference making lighting and you'll be in finals very soon.

The plot was decent, and whilst going topical with covid was risky, I enjoyed that you subverted your superhero genre by using the antihero element ala BRIGHTBURN but this time to reduce the stress of superhero expectation rather than just being evil (in my book). Bit of a head spinner!

The big thing to work on for me would be a slightly tighter edit and script. Lots of your best moments kicked the ass of most adult teams, though. Great performance by your lead actress, too.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

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