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A Funky Little Place in Time

by Clowns Against Clowns


There's a lot of heart from this team - I don't quite understand the story, but it's still confidently told and you all seem like you would have had a blast making it.

Really impressive work on the art direction and costume design, and it warms my heart to see a school team shoot ON LOCATION!?

Loved the invisible door, it really works well and ya'll were THIS close to being nominated for best use of something invisible.

Looking forward to seeing what you bring us next year.

Things you got right: A lot of passion and a lot of heart, one thing this film does not lack is conviction.

Things to work on for next time: Maybe telling a story that's a little more clear and a little more decipherable for the audience.

Waking up in a strange place and wanting to go home, our lead was taken down a rabbit hole by a stranger through invisible doors.

Basically an amalgam of some very famous fantasy films (LABYRINTH, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and WIZARD OF OZ), taking miniscule but important cues from each one. I didn't get the ending to be honest but in a strange mystical setting that's ok.

Your 2 lead actresses had good screen presence, costumes were good and I liked that you got out on location. Sound was ok too and when you shot via close ups or medium close ups the film looked fantastic. I think when utilising wider scopes though the film needed something happening because of it being so dialogue driven, as it presented as people standing around talking for the most part.

When people are saying to tell the story clearer, they don't just mean to ask a dramatic question and then move to resolution. Because here our protagonist wanted to go home and that got subverted. What they're meaning is that we want to know why the plot is unfolding like it is, and what the stakes are, with beginning middle and end being key. Coming into a scene late and leaving early like you did is actually a great, advanced technique, but the bones of the script within needs to be a bit clearer when you only have 5 minutes to tell your tale.

Story: 1/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 1.5/5

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