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The Pizza Heist

by Tearing Apart Productions


When a flatmate has the munchies and has spied an uncollected pizza delivery across the road at their neighbour's doorstep, a bombastic plan is concocted to yoink the cheesy delicacy. Well, 'borrow', like the cat they took and never returned. Quite a funny indictment of people as a whole because there are a lot of opportunistic dickheads in society, but this was thoroughly entertaining.

With an expert in computer science ex (with a self-aware joke about how she could have brought food, but that would have spoiled the plot) on board and ramshackle inventive costumes thrown together, the over the top planning was probably the highlight of the film.

The heist itself was a little bit bonkers, with unnecessary crawling across the grass, strange cardboard masks, NZ-centric codenames, a random ninja and a 4th wall break. All with the possibility that the neighbour could of course turn up at any moment. Very silly but fun.

From a technical point of view I noted some minor levels of hiss on the audio soundtrack particularly for footage shot inside that was a bit distracting, and whilst I appreciate that the planning was OTT and in fact a highlight, I couldn't help but feel that more time could have been spent on the heist itself because with the large allocation of time to the setup I found the edit a bit jumpy once we got going in the action.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 2.5/5

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