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Knights And Knaves

by VFD

The superhero Nous has been contacted by someone. A person trapped inside the mind of a supervillain. Can Nous do the right thing and vanquish evil? Or does Chaitan have other plans?


I'm really sorry team but 27 seconds of a woman standing at the bottom of a grassy incline as the camera tracks around her before drums kick in and we see her opponent is just way too long to get going for your opening shot/s.

Also one more immediate nitpick is why did you shoot in 60fps? I'm assuming it was to give the film more of a video game feel, but the organisers are not just being pedantic when asking for file delivery at 25fps because this (or 24fps mostly) has been the cinematic standard for about 100 years. I play games too and know the advantages of high frame rates, but I was just surprised by this decision.

I do give you props for shooting outside and the outfits were nicely done. The film looked really bright and framing was decent, though match cuts in the edit were a tad jumpy and some camerawork slightly shaky or out of focus.

As to the film itself, this played more as both a race against time film and possession film than an actual superhero film! With 5 minutes to try and escape from being trapped inside the mind of a supervillain. Sinister but predictable finale I just wish that there was more depth to the story.

Audio was nice and clean, good work going for ADR here.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 1.5/5

I'm unsure what the point of the intro sequence was, I have a feeling it was supposed to be a build up of sorts but the casual posture of the main actress and the lack of any music or visual tension left it feeling quite out of place. This however is followed by a pretty cool use of the reflection element as the hero's power is to control the others body with their own movements, an excellent combination of genre and element. This is, however, where all references to the superhero genre end.

Dialogue for the fight scene is odd, it seems as though the "trapped" person would say these things but the fact they are fighting rules out it actually being the "trapped" in control.

The script-writing was ultimately confusing, why "Nous" wanted to help in the first place isn't developed and why "Chaitan" who came to get "the device" suddenly doubts its efficacy leaves both characters lacking motivation. This also leaves the twist at the end lacking oompf.

Delivery was quite good even with ADR although the quality of the audio wasn't great with a lot of background noise, and at times unclear speech.

The actors did a great job of the roles they were given and the overall editing was good apart from that intro.

Attention to detail would go a long way for this team, I see a lot of potential here.

I judge 48 films by asking myself "does this look like it was made in 48 hours?"

Yes, yes it does. but its alright.

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