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Do Mandroids Dream of Electric Beads 2: Re-Entry

by Syzygy Studios

After losing the coveted "Beads of Uranus" to Richard Dickhard (Jackson Walker), a heartbroken Anthony "Big" Bones (Patrick Shanahan) finds himself in a hole. Meanwhile Dickhard plays Uno on his ship with right-hand-man & confidante Jimmy "The Squealer". But are his lips as tight as his backside?


Went into this one with a bit of anticipation having seen the last film "Do Mandroids Dream of Electric Beads" and it didn't disappoint. Quite a step up actually. Took all the good stuff about the last film and expanded upon it with multiple locations and an action set piece. I suspect this could be a contender for audience favourite.

Whilst some teams might recoil at drawing the same genre 2 out of 3 years, Syzygy played their cards close to their chest by expanding on their 2019 entry big time, moving on from a tight singular location dripping in neon to a galaxy hopping bounty quest.

Overloading again on the Uranus and anal humour in the year 2269, the team evoked more of a Troma style film this time around with inventive costumes, low-budget effects and entertaining stunt work as some very special beads were sought after.

Dialogue was snappy though crass, performances were bold but strong and the film moved with an electric pace. Camerawork was also top notch. But whilst crass it's hard not to mention it was arguably overtly crass and sexual. Probably exactly what the team were going for given that a 'dildo-looking fuck' provides the eureka moment for the film following a game of Uno, so definitely not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed the film. Why is there no incredibly strange award this year?

Story: 3/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

A very interesting storyline. In a good way. Would not of thought if that in 48hours. I loved the uno and use of Chekhov’s gun. I haven’t seen your first film, and that probably would of expanded on the story for me, but honestly was great. Technically, love the shots. Although the first scenes dialogue was echoey and thats just a me thing. Loved the use of the smoke and props to highlight importance. Set design in the bar was great. Overall amazing film, and good job team.

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