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The Painter

by Traces of Nut 507 views


Awesome set-design, costuming and music. The opening was great, and there was some great moments of tension throughout. I liked the general premise but I felt like there was missing motivation for why the possessed painting wanted to do what it did - maybe a second viewing will make that clearer though.

Like the best horror films, creates its own lore with a sinister Painter comparable in many ways to Fulci's book of Eibon in THE BEYOND (but could not be more different than that masterpiece by Italy's Godfather of Gore). Seemingly simplistic vfx but really not given made over a single weekend those eyes will haunt me whenever I look back at the film. Possession? Haunting? Curse? Hard to say but a bloody fun time - pun intended as Nova Waretini-Hewison gives another star turn aided by a Linda Blair-like demonic voice. Shocking stabbings, a shrillseeking fantastic music score and the catchiest little song you will hear this year round off this little outside the box beauty. "A L I V E - so good to be!"

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