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Final Notice

by Trumpkins 197 views


Murder cover up that appeared to justify self-defence and was really well shot with strong contrast and evening shots in particular popping off the screen. Chemistry between the two friends looking to cover up the murder was palpable and the fake blood was visceral and believable. Went over some dark concepts such as stalking and locking yourself away from the world. I would have loved rather than liked the film if the conclusion had not been foregone and perhaps tried something different such as subversion of expectations.

Default Avatar ggHarambe

Well shot, well put together, but didn't stand up to some of the other films in the heat.

Default Avatar Ian99

I must respectfully disagree with GG here. For me this was one of the strongest films I saw across three heats. Strong, atmospheric, well-told and really beautifully shot - whoever the cameraperson was, they have a tonne of talent. Grim and serious though, with a bit of blood on the floor, so totally understand that most viewers will prefer something that goes for laughs. My only quibble was whether this film fitted more snugly under 'thriller' or 'horror', rather than 'crime'.

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