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Con Troll Alt Delete

by Nutbar Films 403 views


Default Avatar 山 武

First of all, I have to hand it to the shit practical effects. That was well done and disgusting. There was a sense of pride in craftsmanship throughout the film that elevated the otherwise ordinary style of your film. One shot in particular stands out - the troll strobe. What a menace! I had some problems with the interpretation of genre and the inner monologue. However, the film was funny and the resolution brought everything together nicely.

Default Avatar RamblingScot

Nicely constructed film! Although I had second guessed where we were going when the content of the package was revealed the delivery of the those final scenes was awesome. It was great to hear the audience simultaneously laughing at and recoiling from the action! Good work!

An amusing take on the horror genre, this film embodied the spirit of the 48 hrs competition well. Good use of gross-out effects without going over the top, and it got plenty of laughs. It flowed well and the clever ending was a nice touch.

Easily Nutbar's best 48Hours film I was impressed by the significant improvements made by the team to produce this 2016 entry. Relaying the dark thoughts of meandering office existence that I am sure many people have thought, a magical toy troll sets the scene for a frantic explosive low budget gore finale. Practical effects were worked well and the wild (but very well handled) camerawork was reminiscent of early Sam Raimi. Playful and funny but still disturbing at times nothing was left on the table - the spaghetti brains made it to the microwave!

Quite a way to kick this heat off. Strong concept and a great ending that neatly tied it all together, and some sweet practical effects and props. Some odd lingering shots threw me a little here and there but otherwise you nailed this one. Kudos also for some good lines and acting moments.

Default Avatar Movie Potato

You had me climbing up the back of my chair, I'm referring to the poo! As the film started to get a little boring you climaxed at just the right moment. The crude special effects alongside the casual handling and focussing of the camera was excellent. The music was best of the session, superb. The highlight for me was the inner thoughts of your main guy. He was brilliant!!!!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Charlie absolutely hates everyone in his office and absolutely everything they do. When he clicks an internet pop-up he receives some unexpected help to ease his daily grind. I enjoyed a lot of the initial camera work and editing in this and certainly the practical effects were nicely executed. I have no doubt that the "gross-out" parts would have played well in front of an audience. While I realise that this short was played as a comedy-horror, for me it relies initially too much on its "sweariness" and and then in the end on its "shit & splatter" at the expense of any actual story. It also takes a long time to get into any actual horror and during this time the voice-over, which was used to show character, becomes rather tedious. I would have loved to have seen the actor's reactions and expressions convey his thoughts instead. A fair effort though and certainly a film that will find its audience.

The major highlight for me was the mouth poos, timed pretty well too because it let you know what was happening as soon as things started to get weird and was probably 1 of the 2 most memorable things Charlie had thought beforehand. Charlie's thoughts though were a bit much. I get that was your way of using the "thoughtful" character, but everyone thinks most of the time so that window into his head didn't really cut it for me with him being thoughtful. It really hamstringed the performance too I think. Having said that I still had fun watching this, if the first part pre the Trolls magic had been shorter I would have had a lot more fun.

I'll get my main issue out of the way: we don't see enough of the lead's face. In terms of his hatred for his co-workers, the only thing we have to go on is his internal monologue. There's that rule - "Show, don't tell" - that applies here. While the story does demand you "tell" us his specific frustrations in his mind, you still need to "show" this to us through his expressions. It would allow us better access to this character, especially given what transpires. But holy hell, what does transpire is great, and the way things keep escalating is superbly done. The final moment doesn't quite work - it seems quite tame given the violence we just saw - but that's a minor point.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

The practical effects were really good and the base concept was interesting...ish, enough. I dun't know it was good but flawed would be better. It's got a sort of goofy comedy horror thing going on but outside the book end joke which was great but poorly executed it was sort of a collection of gags rather then any sort of story. The narration was fine, people say over and over "show don't tell" but that's just a rule of thumb it's not a necessity for good story telling.

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