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The plot was well introduced with a convincing voice over explaining the over-population of the world and the government's new social policy of eliminating the bottom tier of society. The twist is that they get to choose their means of death. This makes for an amusing plot held together by a great performance by the lead actor. The surprise ending got a good laugh from the audience and the post-credits sting was probably not needed as the ending joke was strong enough.

I really liked the tone on this film. Forelorn and sardonic with a sense of acceptance regarding mass organised killing to appease a minister's call for societal reduction. Bleak and dark it reminded me of an incredibly low budget version of a book that Evelyn Waugh never wrote. Like there was really not much to the film, just a darkly comic acceptance of those accepted to die that they will, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Work on the technical side of things a bit guys and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in future.

Default Avatar strugsnotdrugs

A laugh-out-loud ending! Fun use of the Black Comedy genre. I love that the audience is left to their imagination for the method of extermination through the use of potatoes and bread!

Plenty of black, not enough comedy. A few tech issues, most notably with sound, but an enjoyable short from a young team nonetheless. I did like the (probably gluten intolerant) girl leaving with the bread :)

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