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Building Expectations

by Wolfe Street Productions 408 views


Really great comic energy and a hilarious central performance. Only issue is it was a tad repetitive. I would have liked to have seen more conflict for the central character.

Default Avatar RickySplitz

Decent movie. The acting was good on the part of the main character and he effectively carried the movie. Only beef with it is that the idea was partially a take off from the Office and the plot didn't really have much to do with a shock ending. Overall good though.

Default Avatar Bunnrey

Nice and funny, some good jokes that haven't been done to death. Was a bit shallow, however I would've like to have seen an actual story. It impacts your chances of getting anywhere with it (If that's what your intention is, which it should be because this was a good film). Great acting by the lead.

Default Avatar Snoopy123

Great lead acting that carried the film. Good concept, but didn't fully tap the potential it had. Suffered from some of the same problems as 'breaking bread' and could have probably done with some further joke and narrative development before shooting started.

Default Avatar Bayne

I actually felt a little disappointed with this film due to its amazing potential. Some very funny scenes that where then repeated with slight differences that didn't really introduce a whole lot more to the story. Shock ending didn't have the impact that it should with there being a major event that threw the audience just moments before. Acting by the main character was great, support was there.

Default Avatar CrimsonCharles

It started off with some great laughs. Like really great laughs, but may have gotten a bit repetitive towards the end. It didn't really seem like the story was 'building' towards anything, and started to peter out (shock ending included). But still, it had some great laughs, something that's hard to pull off in 48 hours.

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