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Missing Demetri

by Michael Jackson Films 910 views


As good as this movie was, I really struggled to enjoy it, purely because of all the dialogue. The film was funny, well shot, well directed, but it did not conform to its allocated genre. Unless there is some loophole I am unaware of, a non dialogue movie should have no dialogue. The acting was very good too, and as cheesy as it was, I felt the ending was quite strong in many respects. The overhead shots above the bed were quite artistic. Apologies for the low rating, I really wish I could go higher. And as I said, if there is some loophole or I'm missing something important I will change it pronto. :) Well done.

Ok, I get what you do here by interpreting that monologue did not qualify as dialogue. However in future years if you are given a non-standard genre I would highly recommend reading the website, which gives you examples and often explains what the organisers are looking for/do not want you to do. Narration of non dialogue was clearly stated as not being acceptable. Ignoring that fact, a non sleeping Vic Meyer told us of how her relationships have developed over the years, and why a particular boy really piqued her interest. I liked the jokes that contrasted her idealised view of him versus what we saw ie, nice small = crooked teeth and date night = Xbox. More of this would have been good, but in a way that qualified under your genre.

Default Avatar Thedano665

Obviously we cant ignore that you sort of ignored your genre's guidelines which results in the low score i have given.. But if we do put that to the side, this film was actually funny and quite clever. Demetri's smile made me laugh! I also really enjoyed the ending. Good effort :)

Default Avatar Flyingpigfilms

Some good editing, good use of voiceover, but when the guy started talking I was confused? not sure of the rules of this genre but an overall good film

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