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Mel the Magic Mushroom

by On the wall 158 views


Neat idea, not quite executed and with an ending that just ... didn't. I enjoyed the animated graphic and the repetitive nature of it played really well. For a time. Then it became quite monotonous. The cat food gag was great though!

A good joke that carried well for the length of time it played, and a nice take on a genre that could get pretty literal otherwise. I do think this sort of simple thing needs to be executed a bit sharper, and it threw itself away towards the end, but "imsomniac sheep shagger" was a good line no matter how you spin it.

New cellphone game takes over lives and ruins friendships, this was short and simple. Started off really well but did lose its way; I think that whilst the effect on others of the obsession was telling, in my mind the ‘relationship’ being with something like a game meant it lost that human dynamic I would have expected.

I did enjoy the initial set up of this film. Having an obsessive relationship with a computer game is something I'm not that unfamiliar with. However I do think that there needed to be more from Mel the Magic Mushroom to make the relationship angle work. The other problem is that the joke ended up overstaying its welcome. There needed to be more gags about how far this relationship was going and the price it carried. Instead there was really only the set up and a joke about Vic constantly fixing himself pet food for breakfast and needing his girlfriend to swap the bowls. As it was the ending lacked a satisfying denouement.

Default Avatar rownz

Loved the idea in this one, but the movie went on longer than it ought and didn't really explore the disintegration of the character's relationships in enough depth to be satisfying. Had a few minor technical problems. Still, not a bad effort overall.

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