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by House of a Hundred Cats 366 views


super cute, wonderfully well constructed and put together. enjoyed it immensely!

In preparation for his girlfriend's birthday, our lead tries every conceivable idea that they can come up with in order to make her the perfect present, only for him to fail miserably in a comic manner. Made a good fist of the genre by throwing a lot of energy at the screen, the script, for lack of a better word, was a lot of fun. Lead actor had a lot of charm and I noted a nice original score. A couple of minor tech issues and a bit simplistic, but very enjoyable.

Default Avatar thatguy29

Original approach to the genre and steered well away from the predictable thriller-vibe seen throughout the rest of the heat. Cute story, catchy original score, and beautiful editing.

Nice tight story, funny, enjoyable. Having text conversations on screen was the easy option for 'no dialogue' though.

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