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Somebody Someone action stations

10 Reviews


Battle Roulette

Liked the visual style and the acting, great make-up effects. Some technical issues though, and while there was a promising script, the plot details were hard to follow.

The World

Liked a lot about this short - the story was there and the actors worked well with what they had (bar the fake? US accents). Didn't quite reach it's potential but there were nice moments that show that this team definitely has something.

Strings Attached

Good atmosphere to the set-up and felt like it could really go somewhere, but the story stalled a bit. A bit of character development in the script would've helped. Had good actors and some nice costume design/makeup going on.

Consulting Victor Meyer

Good acting and nicely shot, love the credits song. An extra star for pulling off musical.


Nice tight story, funny, enjoyable. Having text conversations on screen was the easy option for 'no dialogue' though.

Lost My Lizzy

Was it the same actor for two characters? If so it was pulled off well. The story was a little underwhelming but there were nice moments.


Had some good elements and ideas. The split screen shot might've worked better if it was actually the same take from two different cameras. Like SP here, loved the protagonist's interactions with her brother. Set design was also really nice. A little slow for the genre and could have done with a more climactic ending, but would watch again.