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Consulting Victor Meyer

by ICW Productions 298 views


James Nokise is a funny man, and he carried this film rather excellently. As a government consultant, he is faced with the hard task of trying to raise more money through schools initiatives. Singing about how two birds can be hit with one stone by putting pokies in schools, he gets a conscience attack from old politicians on parliament grounds. All of this is of course conveyed through song, and whilst some of the lyrics were a bit muddied, the gist was good and any time that a line needed to be heard the team made sure it was.

Good acting and nicely shot, love the credits song. An extra star for pulling off musical.

Clever lyrics and an OK storyline although it never really went anywhere - sort of maintained a single level from start to finish. Good political satire, it just that politics in general is a bit of a turn off. Did adhere to the genre so well done for that.

Default Avatar strangeneighbour

This was great fun. Really clever music and lyrics. Technically strong. Loved the political theme. Pokies in school FTW! Muffin...muffin....

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