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Imaginary Friends

by Slave Labour Productions 664 views


Default Avatar Smoozle

A fantastic film! Imaginary Friends, the Reunion movie in this heat worked fantastically. My only complaint was that it was, perhaps, a tad on the long side and could have used some snappier editing. However, a good all round effort.

i loved the concept, and there was some good acting. i think the production values let it down ultimately but some nice gags.

Thought this was pretty good. Some funny moments, and ended well.

Default Avatar bobbylight

This was such a great idea. Potentially could have been a tighter and shorter final cut just to speed up the pacing but other than that was great.

Childhood imaginary friends returned to try and help an adult Vic Meyer get to sleep. As each represented a different personality treat, they also explained/tried their own remedies and cures. I thought this had some real potential, but was a little bit too varied. If the idea was to reflect Vic's frustrating then you succeeded, but was hard to tell. Getting inside his inner thoughts really got the short going somewhere, but then it ended a bit abruptly.

Default Avatar sio123

Awesome film! Really held my interest and had some hilarious lines. It was hard not to adore the girl in the unicorn onesie.

this film was reminiscent of drop dead fred, the imaginary friend concept with unresolved childhood issues, while not original, is still timeless... besides... pirates!

Default Avatar squid jnr

Awesome concept and well acted, especially the pirate! Started off great although maybe withered a little bit towards the end, but otherwise hard to fault. Well done.


I loved this film, felt so innocent and heartfelt. brought me back to my imaginary friends. Some shots were a bit dark, and hard to see but didn't impact on my enjoyment of this film. Its all about the story and this one had a great one.

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