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Partners In Crime

by Rubber Soul 1,120 views


Partners in Crime, a good skit with good comedic value in most of the setups. Def one of the funniest of our heats, although I felt the comedy ultimately took away any scare factor that may of been introduced or intended.... So I was left confused somewhat as to whether I had seen a Horror or a comedy at the end of it. The End had a good twist that redeemed some points back but I was laughing mostly rather than being put in suspense. A good solid produced film that showed good standards and one of the better produced look films out of our heats, but I have to take points off for it (in my eyes at least) failing to really capture the meaning of the Horror Genre.

Default Avatar Dwight R

I really enjoyed this film. I don't usually enjoy horrors but I fund that there was a good amount of comic relief balanced with scare to keep me entertained. Overall a fantastic and polished film.

Default Avatar Bella7

One of my favourites in the heat. Really well done.

Default Avatar ShortFilmBuff

Great Film - the actors are fantastic! IMO fits the Horror Genre fine. I think you have to realise that Horror can include other Genres within its structure. So you can have a Horror/Comedy there are plenty of box office hits that are exactly that. There are loads of other combos like Horror/Drama Horror/Action Horror/Romance and they are still Horror. Fantastic Twist that isn't reviled until the closing scene. The laughs did obscure some of the scares but more due to the entire audience laughing long, loud and often more than a fault with the film. There were some genuine scare/jump moments.

Default Avatar EEPEE

A horror with humour! One of my heat favourites.

Default Avatar eddielou

Loved this one - great sense of fun and spoof - storyline a little difficult to follow in places and felt had to concentrate on that rather than the humour at times. Entertaining.

Default Avatar Nakifilmbuff

It was good but not a horror. I am not a fan of the comedy horror. It needs to be one or the other in my opinion.

Default Avatar spudling

Thought it was very funny, but wasn't a horror. I know you can mix genre's, but there wasn't really any horror in it. Great acting.

Awesome Rubbersoul

Default Avatar AdMan

Excellent!! Great pacing. There were some genuine scare moments and just the right amount of blood and gore - balanced perfectly with awesome humour from the main cast. A touch dark at times but pretty sure that was the projector at the theatre. Absolutely the best of the heat and well deserves the Audience Favourite that it received! Any spaces on your team? LOL

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