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Night Vision

by Touching Cloth Productions 275 views


Probably my fav movie of our heat (excluding our own of course ;)), The horror aspect of it was planted well, and used some traditional methods to get there. I believe they could have stepped a bit further with scare moments if executed that fraction better. The story setup was good and had the moment of "Oh I see whats going to happen here". Good twist and good ending. I loved the very last shot, the music track worked well with it, I was even jealous for a moment as the camera flowed away from the actors...

Default Avatar Bella7

One of my favourites. Great twist.

Default Avatar AdMan

- My second fav from the heat - Well produced - Story was good, pacing was a little off. Well acted. Tension was ok but not super strong - as soon as I saw the news paper on the road I thought "he is going to be hit by a car and the driver is going to be the chick with the blood" not sure if it was just me but this was a little too obvious - think there could have been a little more suspense around the climax... but all in all well done.

Default Avatar EEPEE

This kept me in suspense the whole way through. Loved this one

Default Avatar eddielou

Would have liked a little more suspense - loved the scary bits - very well produced.

Default Avatar Nakifilmbuff

Loved this one, It hit the genre bang on. Great twist at the end and some good scary moments

Default Avatar spudling

all round great movie - thought I had the ending but I so didn't - just loved it

Enjoyed this film from a great team. Did not see that twist at the end, well shot! What more to say!

Default Avatar Kestar75

Well done Touching Cloth. You just seem to amaze me every year.

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