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This flick may have been a little rough around the edges, but the knowing sense of humour made it consistently entertaining. From the weird (the teddy bear giving directions) to the cheesy (the various pun-heavy kiss-off lines) to the inspired ("Is that David Hasselhoff?"), this was a huge amount of fun. Bonus points for the shot from a plane(!) and whoever was so careful with detail as to change the colour of speedos worn to match the country. Can't wait until this one is uploaded so I can watch it again...

After hearing that Greece might be sold to a shady businessman to become Southern Germany, a patriot goes an an action packed recovery mission to stop the deal from going down. Before doing this I might let you know that they happened to come out of the harbour dripping wet in some tight togs, which set the tone for the film's style of humour throughout. Not realistic that he will go it alone, he gets a sexy French sidekick in on the act with her being proficient at using baguettes as weapons amongst other talents. Chock full of one liner puns the plot was formulaic but delivered with aplomb.

Default Avatar tomatocrew

Comedy Genius! Would have forgotten about this film if it wasn't for the cheezy one liners, the speedos, and the smokin' hot french spy. Stand out film of the night for me, although the lighting, filming and editing was no comparison to the professional film makers, it was cleverly written & had the audience laughing. can't wait to watch it again to see if it's just as funny, either way seeing that french spy again will be worth it! Well done guys .

Sheer flair, puns, and confidence almost carry off this absurd action spectacle (with a PLANE!) but it just goes on too long. What should have been a bishbashbosh action extreme becomes uncomfortable and unneedly drawn out.

Default Avatar Corinne Kearns

Amazing film loved the one liners. Great German take over awesome French agent

Default Avatar ejm

fantastic! great one liners , had me laughing for sure! Can tell you guys had a lot of fun making this & it really paid off! excellent

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