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The Running Conspiracy

by Strategical 372 views


I'll copy Dan Slevin and mention the Tarantino-esque plot structure. Very young team but showed up a few of their adult peers with unmatched energy on screen. After refusing to throw a race, Nicky is up against it from a mob boss who has a sniper in his arsenal to look to ensure he collects the betting money. Guns, ninjas and ridiculous fighting throughout. Was that a flashback within a flashback that I saw? Because that is my favourite nonsensical plot device of all time. The times that the characters did open their mouths for dialogue just about always hit eye opening levels of ineptness with regards to the human language but the film was alll the more better for it. The over the top violent results of injuries and gunshots were memorable as heck. I commend you for getting the audience to applaud you a couple of times before the credits rolled.

Default Avatar billius

Absolutely amazing music :) Should win best original soundtrack

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