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I Still Dream In Colour

by Nutbar Films 874 views


Good job, the film looked great. You pulled off the post apocalyptic theme quite well. However it was a pretty generic plot.

An interesting plot that wasn't fleshed out to its full potential. Some great cinematography and action scenes that didn't come across as overtly hammy, which is no easy feat. The ending could have done without the final line, with just the actress looking around while the others look straight ahead. Overall a great film that kept my attention from start to end.

Some nice camera work as an outcast tries to prevent having to take 'The Leaf'; a drug which has turned most of society into mindless slaves who work for the greater good powers that be. However the drug has not worked up to this point hence our heroine being on the run when the film opens up. The world the film creates seems quite desolate and unforgiving, definitely not one I'd want to live in. Whilst the camera angles were great I just felt like it needed a bit more action in my book. What I mean by that is that I didn't exactly come out of it feeling like I had watched an action film, more a feeling I had watched something with sequences of action within it.

Very slick film, all the bells and whistles were polished. All the required elements were there, and very well integrated into the story. Nice action, but I wanted more of it and shot with wider lenses - sometimes you couldn't see what was going on. I think my main problem with it was the lead character. There wasn't enough time to get to know her before it took off. By the end I didn't care about her and her plight, but I wanted to. And dare I say it, the film could have been longer - yes, it definitely left me wanting more. It has a nice twist on the dystopia formula, which I liked. But like the leaf eaters in the film, I felt a little empty after watching it. I suspect it might be a watch-it-twice type of film, so I look forward to seeing it again.

Default Avatar SimonChristo

A really well done film, a pity that it was up first cause I barely remembered it by the end- in hindsight I probably should have put this in my top three. Action is a hard one to pull off without being cliche, but you guys managed it and for this I commend you. One suggestion: Turn on your title safe in your video editor, since text all the way to the edge of the screen is really hard to read and will actually distort on a lot of TV sets (If you don't know what title safe is, do a bit of research). Overall a fantastic effort.

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