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Black and White

by Keep It P.C 241 views


A non traditional horror film. Black and White uses horror cliche's to setup the twist ending. Beautiful film to watch with good use of sound and music. Interesting short film and down right creepy.

In my personal opinion this was a film based on one idea and one idea only, which is too say everything built up to a turnaround near the end and that was pretty much it. While I think this is a really valid approach for any short film, I think in this one the other parts of the film wasn't really sufficient enough to hold up this single event (ie Ending). It was much better than some other films in the heat but could have used much better lighting and sound. The background music and ambient noise was superb, the dialogue not so much.

Default Avatar goodone

Some great moments, very atmospheric. Is there an award for best use of an animal suit? There should be.

Default Avatar Creaturehands

Without a shadow of a doubt this film was a stand out alongside some very average to low par films. This film in particular found a story that would capture interest and keep you watching the throughout. Noted especially for it's great cinematography and sound, it really got my attention and I hope it gets what it deserves.

Default Avatar FlameThrower

I liked the twist at the end:) I think if there was more music used throughout to set the mood I would have found it way creepier.

Nice camerawork and interesting composition. Story could be much better if they can have better build up before the twist.

Default Avatar KahnFilmo

This film had a lot of potential, great use of a panda suit. If there was more music in the first half to creep us out it could have been more effective. great cinematography, atoms and ambient sound

Really subtle take on horror, but it worked surprisingly well. Set up the twist nicely with some fine misdirection. Beautifully shot, strong performance by the lead and excellent choice of music. Well done.

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