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Dark Side

by Loaded Gunn 1,015 views


Disqual'd. Unfortunately got interrupted at a key moment and re-started. Looked/sounded nice, natural acting. DSLR got pretty wild in second half, too much depth of focus chicanery.

Our lead gets approached by a dangerous looking girl who asks for a smoke, but he is attached to his fiancee and says no. She keeps popping up in a creepy manner, culminating in a shock ending. The film looked pretty good, but the story was unoriginal and whilst something dangerous was always hinted at, there was no real tension.

This film did well on the technical front - looked really good and well done sound. I thought the actors did a good job, the female lead did well being subtley evil. There were a few creepy bits early in the film but it could have got scarier sooner.

Default Avatar stephbeath

A really engaging start to this film. A lot of set ups from the look of it - or possibly just a good edit job? Sound was tidy as well. A shame about the overdose of depth of field shots and the blurring of the background beyond recognition in many of them. Also a shame I couldn't vote for this because I liked it and I would have.

There was some really great composition and excellent camera control displayed throughout this film. I shoot on a DSLR, and certainly recognised the skill required for some excellent, precise follow focus work. But I have to agree with others that the extreme low DOF used in almost every shot was a little overused, which became distracting. But polished it was, and a good story to boot.

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