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Somebody Someone nomis_2008

9 Reviews


Aftermath - A documentary

Doco style and technical aspects could do with some work but i loved the concept and the humor. Acting wasn't half bad either.

Time and Location

Technically good and an interesting spin on the superhero genre. That said however nothing made this film stand out for me.


Great concept, well executed. The voice acting and production value were fantastic. Although i do agree that the lack of a strong plot made this film less memorable.

Nightmare on Curletts Road

We set out to have a good weekend and that was most definitely achieved. A shot with bad lighting, a shot with bad audio and generally bad dialogue. But given that our film had a habit of poking fun at its self this didn't detract too badly. As a crew member I'm obviously quite biased but we hoped to get a few laughs and got a great many. No doubt you will see us again next year.