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Somebody Someone Joel Labes

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Although I felt the story took some time to get moving, once it did it was a well done short, and far from being a detraction, the rapid cuts did a lot to aid the story and its development, especially towards the end. The mandatory line seemed to be shoved as an afterthought, I would have liked it to be a bit better integrated. At the end of it all, the audience had their questions answered and a clever idea came to resolution. Good job.

Operation Cheese roll

A very good technical film, with clear audio and an impressive soundtrack that contributed to the overall feel of the film. There was no real background given as to why this cheese roll recipe was so important though, and the story in general seemed a bit lacking. Seemingly important aspects early in the film got thrown away later on with little explanation, letting down what could have been a much better short. I realise there's only seven minutes to make your mark, so a lengthy introduction isn't possible, but something a bit extra would have been appreciated.

Mysterious Girl

Superb animation and storytelling, with a solid background given to the characters and the events all explained clearly. One of my favourites of the night.


Really slick editing and camera work, slightly let down by the main actor I felt. The general premise reminded me a lot of Jumper. Overall a really impressive film, although the mandatory elements felt a bit forced.