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What goes around comes around

by 96 Steps

Our entry for the 48 hour films- Lockdown 2020.
Sadly we were a couple mins late so got disqualified which is a huge shame but we are so happy with our work and it was a lot of fun.

Genre: Sci-fi
Team: 96 Steps


Some nice work done here with cause & effect that I didn't see coming. For me, the music got irritating very quickly but I suppose it tied into the light-hearted proceedings you went for. A few questions around how she got there in the first place & whether you can use that news footage but what the hell - you had a heap of fun and that is the point.

Hi Stu

Thanks for your review. Yeah there are some things we wish we had time to redo, add or change but ran out of time lol. You're right, some friends have asked me how she woke up in 2020 from 1917 and I said twleportiin somehow but yah we maybe could have put a shot of her in 1917 first but we did not think of that. That was our first flat proper acting video so we are so proud. We learn and improve aye :) Thanks again

Entertaining. Nice twist at the end.

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