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Nowhere to Hide.

by Black Lantern

The world is divided.

The rise of MAGIC CAPABLE BEINGS (m.c.b’s) is causing
wide spread panic amongst the establishment.

To combat this threat the extermination of all
m.c.b’s is ordered.

For those hunted there is..... nowhere to Hide


Pretty slick overall production work here. Looked great, nicely edited and also smooth integration of special effects. Your single location worked well as did the high stakes cat 'n' mouse action. I wasn't a fan of the footsteps Foley at the start - it got rather annoying in it's repetition. Likewise the ADR dialogue seemed a little unnatural. Limited in story but high on adrenaline, this is an impressive effort to get done over the 48.

That was really cool! Very impressive special effects. Well done!! Was this disqualified because it didn't incorporate the elements? It's a shame!!
The only thing that put me off were the footsteps, they didn't sound urgent enough when they were running and the lady had a bit much makeup on for an officer. Other than that - I wish you weren't disqualified!!!

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