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by Team Goodas

CARANO is a tongue in cheek WHODUNNIT News Segment, concerning the "Carano" Pandemic.

Styles on a BBC World Service presentation, it looks at the possible causes of the Pandemic, from the Carona Beer Factory, to the Sun's "Carona", and finally the ancient Guatemala township of La Carona.

Produced as part of the 2020 48Hours Lockdown Film Competition, CARONO was a solo effort by GOODAS Director Gary Benner.


Enjoyed the BBG World Service report. Informative, entertaining, good presenting and (post) production. Well done 👍 🤓

I loved the BBG World Service format, it was freaky how you captured that presence. I hope the namesake has not copyrighted the format (I think Harley Davidson tried to copyright the sound of their bikes). I liked the political dig at the Chinese Communist Party at the end. If you did that by yourself that was a great solo effort in the limited time. A very professional effort that I thought should have ranked higher in the competition.

Hey that was hard case, next thing you'll be a famous news anchorman or something. you certainly looked the part. And don't forget me when your name is up there in lights :-)

Love the BBC look.
Great sense of humour, should have been in the top ten :)

I liked this, dry humour, kind of satirical with the various theories, meanwhile the real cause sneaks by under the radar. Also a good take on the BBC news.

This is great! Even more impressive given its a one man show from go to whoa.
Well done

After all the viral fake news and conspiracy theories flying about these days, it's great to see such a gutsy true news story. Especially with such a provocative satirical sting in it's tale. Bravo! Brilliant conception. Great directing. Smart production. And plenty of spine!

I really liked the green screen work! The music, lighting and dialogue gave it the feeling like I was watching the news. Having one person play two characters is no easy task and you achieved this well!

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