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Your Lie in June

by Team Green Square


Default Avatar jazdee123

This film was very enjoyable from the acting to the insane camera work / VFX. This team had some great shots in there especially knowing this was a duo team with both people in shot. Always enjoy seeing what Green square comes up with & I'm already looking forward to seeing what they create next!!!

Three years into a relationship and it's the perfect time for a proposal in a carpark, but a shootout and sudden gun showing reveals cracks in the relationship of our 2 leads that are more like chasms. I liked the idea of love conquers all being presented here, and playing it deadpan in terms of dialogue was probably a smart option. Reveled in ridiculousness, and whilst the team kinda said screw you to the request to be respectful with guns, it all worked within the story for me. Nollywood quality squib effects brought the house down, while whoever played the character with the blonde wig could be up for a Wellington best actor nomination in my book.

After previous years entries, I look forward to a special kind of dry humour from Team Green Square. Jonathan is rudely interrupted by gunshots in his attempt to propose to Jasmina. A relationship built on lies is at the heart of the drama in this pacey mistaken identity film. It's charm is in the cheap wig, cross dressing and crude VFX. At the heart of the story is a sweet love story. Highly enjoyable and fun film!

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