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Vitamin Z

by Mind blank Productions


Wonderful use of wind through your fog shots, I was impressed by how you took what seemed to be a little bit of a generic post apocalyptic tale of a masked band of marauders into something a bit more mind-bending with the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE nods through veggie tales and a headscratching ending. I don't know if I'll ever look at broccoli the same way again.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Fruit zombies. Great. The Zombie theme makes many of us worry. But this film went on a mission. an adventure. Four clear characters with different traits / costumes. Loved them. Would have liked to see a better end to it. Brave use of fog. Not sure if that was VFX or real, I couldn't tell.

Great use of humour in a genre where it's not necessarily natural. Veges creating zombies, that's a good one. I enjoyed the device at the end where it turns into a little boy spinning a tall tale to try and avoid eating his broccoli. Good goofy fun, keep making films.

Our hungry survivors venture into the misty outdoors to find food, Trying to avoid danger in a world where vegetables can turn you into a zombie. The story is about a young boy trying to avoid eating his vegetables by telling tall tales which was revealed as a twist at the end. I would have liked to see more subtle clues that this is what is happening throughout the story rather than a quick reveal shot at the end. Good camera work and strong concept. This school team was nominated in the best school team award in Wellington.

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