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Unquenchable, Undying

by Sliced Bread Productions


After a raging drinking party where everyone gets dressed up, our fairy costume adorned lead actress falls victim to a GROUNDHOG DAY meets FINAL DESTINATION loop of death. Some inventive kills (that fork into the microwave being the highlight) and some not quite as effective deaths when it just seemed she hit her head, she starts to realise the steps she needs to take to avoid her doom. With very little dialogue it was hard for this to stand out from the other looping time travel films this year, but it never took itself too seriously. I just think that even though you went for the farcical approach some of the set pieces needed a bit more impact to really get an audience reaction.

This film looked good. And was pretty polished. And had good acting and set design. But for me it was the perfect example of the problem that looping time travel movies have -- we're seeing the same thing too many times. The concept in itself... I'm unsure as to its viability, but this film, I felt, was just way too repetitive. I don't want to see everything twice or three times, even if the character reacts differently. I think looping time travel has to be treated differently, where we see something new every time, and while there were things I progressively noticed, this film was frankly one of the hardest to watch. It was made worse by the several other similar concept films in the heat.

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