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Trophy Hunting

by Cacophony


Animals are running wild in Wellington we are told over the radio to start this short, which attempted to build some lore through taxidermia and a post-apocalyptic vibe. Eventually turning into a battle between two determined females and one remaining dog, I felt the team attempted to subvert the genre by playing on the aftermath of said nature as per their genre already having run amok. Whilst I like double personalities as much as anyone, and thinking back this had parallels with POSSESSION, I think the edit could have been tighter. The tight focus pulls were impressive but much of the coverage did not push the story forward. Also I felt the back stories of both the animals being wild, and the 2 characters were a bit unclear.

Default Avatar Amy Wiltshire

Amazing camera shots, gave clarity and sophistication to the film. Great ideas of two strong independent woman with a shady background. Loved the dog cameo it made my night!

Default Avatar bekxy

Loved the cinematography and the contrast between the strong female leads. Loved the use of props and camera angles. Nature was well incorporated into this film! Loved it!

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Art house. Always a risk in a 48. The post apocalyptic ideas came through strong and some big points should go to this team for getting taxidermy animals into parliament. I wish that this team had based the characters on teenage ideas. It felt a bit like Teens imagining how adults act. Very good use of emotive imagery.

One of the more baffling films I've seen from 2019 so far, struggled to connect the dots. It all felt pretty incoherent with disjointed scenes. I think there may have been something there that could have been developed for a longer film but there wasn't enough time here to build any real story. Was it some sort of anti-hunting cautionary tale? It seemed a big wtf to me.

An intriguing story about a pair of Trophy Hunters made by an all female team in this Nature run amok film. I got a little lost on the story with this film and felt there could have been more visual clues/dialogue as to what was going on, it was great to see the team making use of some fantastic Wellington locations, esp. considering the weather over the weekend. It definitely had an atmosphere though and was well shot.

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