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Tinder 2.0

by F-Stop Motion Pictures


With achievements unlocked it was clear and obvious that the game of love was going to be treated like a video game in this film, where a nervous first time tinder 2.0 user and his date have a charming bit of banter before things get technological and goofy. The interplay of the would-be romantics was engaging and natural, while the VR screen itself was high quality in terms of production values. I liked that whoever DOP'd this knew how to utilise lighting well, presenting a couple of lush shots where neon in the background provided vibrant contrast. I think things got a bit silly when the kid brother got involved although the audience laughed, and the ending was fairly predictable in my book after the virtual world shows its problems.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Due to a combination of one-track music and a very static restaurant shoot I found this dragged somewhat. I get that it's an awkward date, that gets more awkward but the conversation wasn't that interesting. Some of the audio was inconsistent too which didn't help with my focus! I do think this was a good concept but we either needed to get more intimate with the characters, or for it to make a stand on really ramping up the humour or drama. The achievement pop-ups were a great meta-reference to the comp.

I noticed the other reviews were kind of average but this is my 50th review and first perfect score. I'm not even familiar with Tinder having never used it but this was crack-up throughout. It started out looking like a normal date and I wondered how it was sci-fi but then when the mum called out and he was shown on the computer that aspect became apparent, bit like Ready Player One in terms of the whole virtual world although it was lower level sci-fi in terms of the virtual world resembling real life. Loved how he was sabotaged by the little brother and although the whole joke about the virtual chick being some dude wasn't exactly original I still wasn't expecting it and it was the perfect ending to the wackiness. Yeah I know some films will be technically better and have been made with more effort but this hit the nail perfectly in terms of comedy for me hence the perfect score. Disclaimer: I am not part of this team and looking to bump up the score. My film is Promotion Road by Foreign Objects and I don't know anyone involved with this one. It was just a blast of pure fun and ain't that what the comp is about?

Two people getting to know each other on a virtual game date is highjacked. I enjoyed the concept behind this sci-fi film and the clever use of video game tropes - it was a great way to incorporate the compulsory 48hour elements, the bathroom pause was fun and the live chat at the end. I thought to take this film up a notch, the dialogue needed more work - a bit snappier and more personality for both characters. They both seemed a little bored of each other. When the brother highjacked the game there was some good characterisation. The lighting was incredible in this short and the camera work good too - next year focus on great dialogue, developing and directing the characters. Also edit out an unnecessary long pauses or shots that don't serve the story.

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