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The Voiceless

by Untapped ARSEnal


A killer with no voice and a love for hearing others sing chloroforms and kidnaps three victims, and takes them to his lair where horrible fates await unless they please his ears. Some really dark subject matter was tackled here not just with the serial killer, but the opening song being a suicide contemplation, whilst gore levels were high. I liked that you had clear diction on your songs, I think just a little bit more melody would have really nailed the genre. But given how insane everything was - I haven't even touched on the placards the killer used to tell them what he wanted due to not having a voice - I'm willing to let the flaws slide.

Definitely the most gruesome thing I've seen from 48 hours 2019 which isn't a criticism. Good singing and suitably creepy villain, maybe a bit dark for some tastes but a red hot go at the genre.

A gorey musical about a failure, no hoper, and a suicide at risk kidnapped for their singing talents. Atop some sweet singing this film gets pretty gorey. Some Bladerunner lighting with some split screen thrown in for good measure, this film was pretty dark, but the singing balanced it out.

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