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The Prepper

by Team Hillbilly


A rugby league mad survivalist comes to terms with his insular nature through therapy, because his paranoia leads him to believe the zombie apocalypse is coming. This was an in your face psyched up aggressive performance by our hard man lead who came onto the screen psyched up and steaming and did not let up until the end. I liked how the "just calm down, go and meet some people" approach from the shrink was measured and realistic, and setup an entertaining finale at the bus stop. Rugged film with good laughs.

All I was thinking while watching this was, wow, there is a lot of antagonistic swearing in this - the kind of stuff that we were scared enough to cut from our own film this year - so I'm happy you guys made it in. Quite a gritty film right up until the end, where it really takes on a transcendent power, becoming one of the funniest of the night in an instant. I can still remember that face so clearly. Brilliant, although so much of the movie lives in the shadow of the final moment.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

What I liked the best about this short was it's running time. At just over three minutes it didn't overstay it's welcome. It would have been easy to add more scenes but the abrupt nature of the (first) ending works great and then the second ending is a nice surprise with a perfect reaction from the counselor. As steelpotato described, its a rugged film with a few sound and exposure issues at times. It sticks to its guns though and I can imagine received a great response in the theatre.

I kind of expected the actual zombie apocalypse which came but it was a nice surprise to see what the shrink had really managed to do. Would have liked to have maybe seen a little zombie fighting action but overall it was a clever and funny little film.

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