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The Curse of the Satanists

by Gangnam Craft


Dungeons and Dragons loving lead meets...a satanist convention?? Yes most definitely wrong place, wrong time to bump into this coven in the Newlands College boiler room. But not the wrong time for a hip hop musical! Solid beats, decent flows and one hell of a dolly zoom were highlights in this funky effort. Outside of the music however there were a couple of audio issues I noticed, and the diction on the songs could have been slightly clearer at times however I'm letting those slide when I look at my notes and remember the huge laughs I got out of your "Get rekt n00b" joke. Dark dark payoff and gonzo camerawork too.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Fit its genre, and is an absolute standout. Musical is a feared genre. This team went full volunteer on it. Often VFX is used in a subtle way to enhance a shot. But this team used it in a wonderful over the top sense. I thought the piece would end at rap, but it went on, with several cursed scenes. The highlight for me was the ingenious use of camera when the cop is looking down then back up, the camera follows no matter how many double takes she makes.

An inventive, ballsy effort with cool effects and music during the Satanist scene and then the run of bad luck afterwards was nicely done. I'm going to recommend a film to you if you haven't seen it as I reckon it would be to your tastes: Drag Me to Hell.

Interrupting his game of Pokewoman Stop, Bryan walks in on a Satanist Congregation cursing him in a series of unfortunate events. The first half of this film reads more like a music video, which is great as I really love the beat and tunes and the VFX enhance the music video style. The second half I felt lost some energy and got convoluted, he could have been cursed as an end beat rather than several times, but overall it was an enjoyable ride and I crack up every time Bryan walks into his dad and uncle obviously the same age as him, also nominated for the double take. Great reaction at the heats!

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