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The Big Number

by The Directors


Very subversive take on the musical/dance genre as a theatre director outlined how the production should run, with extravagant exclamation that brought good laughs from the audience. Playing as a comedy of errors with children and musicians missing cues as the theoretical running of events was outlined, the fact that it was almost all one very steady long take was almost an afterthought. I mean that in a good way, because the unusual camera choice did provide a point of difference to most other films in the comp this year. Reagan Morris nailed his role as the flamboyant man in charge, and importantly in a film like this you had good clear audible sound. I don't take issue with the lack of any actual songs or dancing as the film itself did have a rhythmic quality and its honestly refreshing to see a different behind the scenes approach that isn't a mockumentary! Left a bit to the audience's imagination at the end, though made sense if you had been paying attention.

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