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by Spicy with a Dash of Salt


Buddy cops with afros, wayfarers and thin moustaches straight out of the 70s go on the rampage in search of their missing chapstick. Whilst their good cop bad cop interrogation tactics may not work at least they have female help they can call in. Overall farily bugnuts in style, with homemade bulletproof vests, out there camera angles and confident screen presence by our 2 leads. The bravado was genuinely impressive, as was the quickfire spiel at the end about missed weddings, exorcisms and divorces. Just very very raw.

This is reasonably entertaining suspect deliberately bad film. Everything is so over the top that it makes me wonder what you were smoking but in spite of that it works on a modest level due to sheer inventiveness without making any sense whatsoever. I've heard of some films that deliberately go for bad film awards and somehow I get the vibe that's what this is about.

Nothing stands in the way of this cop buddy action duo straight from the 70's, playing good cop and bad cop they question the witness about chapstick. Reaching the highest altitude of the competition their friendship is tested in a shoot out on a hill. The sound was a bit ropey and the characters a bit cliche - but enjoyed the confidence and when the filmmakers are having fun, the audience has fun watching it. Highly amusing!

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