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by Blowfish


Beautifully animated film as a couple of Maori fought a taniwha, followed by a hangi with a cut to Sky City. It's pretty rare that I miss the message in 48Hours but I'm genuinely a bit baffled how it fit into sci-fi. Edit: right, it was post-apocalyptic. I missed that as thought time had passed before we panned to Sky City. My bad. I'm not going to bump any more stars up though. Needed more meat to the story.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Sci Fi An animated film using maori characters and no dialogue caught my interest immediately. A 3D/2D taniwha gripped my imagination instantly. And then. It was over. I NEEEED MOOORE Didin't seem to hit Sci-Fi. Never felt complete. Would be a winner if it was just, maybe, twice as long.

Post apocalyptic future, everyone has returned to the hunter-gatherer existence, the lead couple must work together to fight against the taniwha. I loved this film, the artistic animation was outstanding, the sound track was perfect, I look forward to seeing this film again, an excellent short.

Like others have said, there were a couple of issues here: How is this sci-fi and where's the rest of the story? The animation was exquisite and I'm aware of how time consuming this is which explains why there wasn't time to do much of it and come up with a story that matched the top visuals. If this was a live action film and you couldn't come up with anything better than this it would easily be a 1 star film. But the quality of the animation and my awareness of the level of effort that this requires boosts the score. I would be interested to see if you can come up with any good stories to match your artistic talents if you were to have a go at it without the deadline pressure.

In a apocalyptic hunter/gatherer tribal world, a wahine is rescued from a Taniwha cave, a battle ensues and the Taniwha ends up in the Hangi Pit. This is tonally interesting film, it really sets a mood from the outset with a dark limited colour palette, a haunting score pulls you into the story and introduces you to the characters. I loved the style of animation and the mood, I think the film suffered from not enough story beats and also the world you are setting it in needed more clarification, lots of people missed the significance of the last shot and it seemed added just to fit the genre requirements rather than being integral to the story. Amazing what you achieved in 48hours though, looking forward to more!

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