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Red River

by Drive-thru


Default Avatar dawkward

I don't know if this would even be allowed to screen at City Finals?? I don't think I've seen something this visceral in this comp, myself. 100% commitment to the gross out, fantastic production values and courageously explicit. What a horrible experience. 7/7 would experience again.

This was the highlight of the heat for me. Unrelentingly funny and dances closely to the line between objectionable and hilarious. Given the subject matter - a woman in a bathroom looking for an emergency solution to a problem - this could have been outright offensive to watch. But instead it was hilariously inventive, gross in that hilarious can't-look-away kind of gross instead of Freddy Got Fingered gross. The lead managed to create a character who isn't a caricature but someone who you could relate to and managed to sell the increasingly desperate solutions she considers. Two thumbs up. Great film.

Default Avatar Hotlips

From the opening title card, the audience could tell where this story was going to begin, in the best of ways. The title Red River alone was enough for some audience members to cringe. And if anyone thought that was going to be the only source of cringe, or humour, they would soon be wrong. We find our lead in a spot of bother, in a bathroom, period showing, and no means to stop the flow. A sequence of hypothetical scenarios follow what might happen if our character were to use items lying around in the bathroom to contain the flow. Plenty of gross, cringe gags. Nailed their gross out, cringe comedy genre for sure. Loads of fun and definitely worth watching this film again

You know you're onto a winner for a gross-out comedy when several "OH NO"s can be heard around the cinema within 10 seconds of the film starting. Absolutely brilliantly shot with many different tight yet effective camera angles churned out in what was an impressive amount of coverage. Everything popped too, and excellent sound! The overhead shot was great too, and honestly this was close to technically flawless as the edit was also top notch. I'm feeling generous so I'll also commend the outstanding lead actress! Who knew that the idea of being out of tampons on a heavy bleed could create so many hilarious puke-inducing jokes when our heroine just wanted to get back to the rugby with her guy mates in the lounge? Bodily fluids, an inhaler, shower caps, a wild fantastical imagination and blood, oh so much blood...expect to see this contending in the Wellington final at least.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

It stands alone. Unlike any other 48 I have ever seen. Again, not much dialogue. They got one of the worst genres available, but because of the scenarios being 'imaginary' got around a lot of the things that would have ruined the story. Simple set up. Excellent pull of. If you see one film this year. Make it red river. Just as entertaining would be the recording judge ness got of the audiences reaction. Next year, I hope they do ultra. This comp is too easy for them.

Default Avatar Dolly Zoom

Lots of cringe, lots of comedy. Technically pretty amazing also. Portraying an imaginary scenario can be very tricky, and this team pulled it off. When the lead actress accidentally flicks a let's just say 'substance' on her face, not only was that a highlight of all the films shown at this heat, but for her to keep acting whilst that was all up in her eye.. Jeez, that's commitment to a role. And you know what, thats not the only gag, there's plenty more there. Thoroughly entertaining, and very solid technically. Sound was a little odd in places, but other than that, one of the best on the night for sure.

This was brilliant - saw it at the city final and was sure you would take out the win! Congrats on second place regardless! Really great cringe comedy, great acting, direction and production design - just all round an awesome little film. Can't wait to see what you make next year!

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