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Private Invasion

by CREW 36


Default Avatar dawkward

I unfortunately missed the beginning of this entry, but just caught the end. Was it parody? Handled the obscene comedy well. Truly a feel good story. Nice camera work! And props...

Wait this was coming of age? That makes a lot of sense! I forgot to write down the genre when taking my notes so had assumed sci-fi for this alien giving his first anal probe. The posters around Wellington asking for volunteers to get probed really set the scene nicely, and the fact it was just all yeah ok sweet I'm here for the probe and played straight made the film even stronger. Whilst not exactly a bildungsroman I appreciated that this did explore personal growth, and was a clear metaphor for losing virginity in my mind. The fact that it may not have actually been a first time probe played off really nicely with some charming dialogue interplay between our two leads. Several notes for the genre were hit, I think what could have made it slightly stronger would have been some personal introspection for the alien prior to the probe, to know that the probe was such a huge deal for their development. Costumes, set design and props were wall handled and the camerawork was solid though static.

A great example of how to use limited resources and gear to produce a memorable film. A film about an alien learning how to perform his first probing. Remarkably sweet with some clever jokes and efficient world building that implied the world outside it's single room location. Very well shot and edited as well.

Default Avatar Anna Pātete

Strong clear writing easily getting the point across about Jack's first time about to probe someone. Loved Everett, he was such a sweet and intriguing guy from the start. Great camera work and sound. Good use of props and set design. Well edited and well done to the crew for turning the lounge into an alien probing room! All-round was amazing and extremely enjoyable and entertaining, very proud.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

An excellent concept. Camera: Spot on. Sound: a tad soft. It's a shame when the audience laughs so much you can't hear the following punchline. Weird critique. But take it as a compliment. The use of wind wasn't so obvious. The alien and Tane have a wonderfully strange chemistry. I enjoyed the physical comedy. That is a hard thing to direct. Well done.

Default Avatar Dolly Zoom

One of my favourite performances of the night came from our lead in this short. Very sincere, and believable. Great casting. Credit to whoever made the props to probe with, very well done. The story managed to be fun, sincere, and entertaining all at the same time. An anxious alien about to perform an anal prob for the first time is just gold. Shot well, great sound and editing. Lighting could have been a little better. Some shots seemed a little dark, but that's getting a bit nit picky in what otherwise is a good film. I'll be watching this one again when it's online.

Default Avatar allforquark

Obscene, funny, fresh!

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