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New Eden

by Onslow48


A group of colonizers struggle with having to constantly eat some orange soup-like food that they literally call gobbledigook (not sure on the spelling). Many discussions ensue about alternative sources, and there is some foraging for additional food. I like that you had some sci-fi tropes in particular your soundtrack and sound effects, but what could have been developed more was a tighter edit as often multiple characters had turns talking within the same frame, delivering expository dialogue. I'd also recommend if you are going to commit to shooting a large portion of your film inside to spruce up the set especially when gifted something like sci-fi. Just my 2c!

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

A great use of world building. In a scifi world we hear about concepts that we never really see, but just simple slogans about the ziphards on sunny sunny zonk did it for me. Ideas are there. Give us some more production value next time.

Gobbledy Goop soup is the only food source in sunny Zonk. After a meal the group has to venture outside to get more soup and water. Foraging for new and more interesting foods in the hills leads to trouble. It was great to see you using some of the great outdoor locations in Wellington, even venturing up to the ridgeline and to the stream. This film tries to sell the sci fi world of Planet Zonk using invented words and and printed labels. I think the key thing to work on if you guys come back next year, is 'to show, don't tell'. An impressive first time effort from Team Onslow48.

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