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by 400 Stinkin Feet


I hope the actress who broke her leg has a smooth recovery!!! Nice interplay between a cop and thief, with a wall separating the two of them only for bits and pieces to come together over the course of the film. I think my biggest issue with this one was genre as the flashbacks didn't really present opposites, and perhaps we lacked one story beat or 2 to make us really care about the characters due to how they fell out? But by working towards opposites at the end of the relationship rather than opposites working towards a relationship I guess that's subversive. Camerawork was steady although static and performances were good.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Essentially a conversation over a door. Exposition heavy, which can go really well, but relies on nailing the sound. Which is the defining factor about this film. The sound was both great and terrible. Legible, but the score and mix seemed a bit all over the place. Most 48's drop the ball with how they finish. This one didn't. A real nice twist at the end.

Stacey robs a store and barricades herself behind the door to get her boyfriends attention. Whilst there is drama in this situation and it is shot and edited well, the characters created in the film are not likeable - he treated her badly and then in a desperate act to get his attention she risks her own freedom, then he betrays her trust because of his ambitions and arrests her. There should be some redeeming features in the characters or it is hard for the audience to connect or relate to the story.

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