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Movie 48

by N2 Productions


Colour me impressed! Massive improvement from your previous films, and no I definitely won't be making any harsh criticisms this year, absolutely respected the meta call out in this sharp little film within a film. Whilst making a film about the shoot weekend with v cans can often be the death knell in this competition, this team gave the expected hand wringing a metaphorical middle finger before putting it in the blender with aplomb. I have to agree with you, opposites attract is a crazy hard genre to make work, so mad props for subverting. With an introspective three act plot the team tried to come up with ideas that would work for shooting over the weekend; a massively stereotypical silly costumed Mexicans across the border piece, which they used as a send up for acknowledging what has not worked in the past, perhaps bananas emerging from the sea, or a mixture of all the ingredients they could come up with. Technically sound with a smooth hand behind the edit. Well played guys.

Default Avatar Thesuperpanda

Not a perfect film but by no means a bad film. It was only the editing that let them down but regardless of that they really thought outside the box. The story shows the ups and downs of what a team can go through and still being able to achieve something like that in the time frame is still something to be proud of. Look forward to what more they have on offer

Default Avatar jazdee123

Great acting, Camera work, Sound & Editing!!! The quality of this short was great and I can't wait to see what N2 productions create next!!! A++++++++++++++ would watch again

Title is a bit random except I'm aware of a film called Movie 43 (which I haven't seen) that is a combination of several mini films with no explanation for the number in the title so it looks like you were inspired by the format which is a brave move when you've barely got the run time for one skit. Didn't see where this was going at first, I thought the Mexican film was supposed to be the agreed idea and the whole film was going to be that, it was idiotic, stereotypical and racist but then you acknowledged the crappiness of the idea in a clever wink to the audience, followed by more of the same with the other two ideas. Then the references to "opposites" and "attract" were a brilliant way to make the film fit into the assigned genre. I'm also inpressed with how many places you managed to get to in the 48 hours. The guys you were portraying clearly had no idea how to make a movie but that's not the case with your real selves, job well done. My biggest issue is that it will likely make less sense to outsiders (i.e. those who haven't experienced the 48 hour process) the whole thing is very much an in-joke.

This meta-drama is a fresh approach and acknowledges the whole 48Hours filmmaking process. The team brainstorm their ideas for an 'opposite attract' movie and we see them play out on screen. I enjoy a good meta 48 film but it is hard to pull off effectively, you guys did a great job - this film was fun, fresh and kept a great pace but constantly shifting scenes - amazing you achieved this in the time frame! Nothing critical to say, but maybe a few of the idea scenes could have been edited a bit tighter and the brainstorm scenes might benefit from some more stylistic shooting. Great to see you improving in the comp!

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