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Its Not a Pirates Life for me

by Team Kai Arahi


Lovely opening overhead shot onto a pirate family's boat, as the docked band of buccaneers have come to Wellington for their young son's 'Arrrrgh-mitzfah'. Only he's not so sure he wants to make others walk the plank, when options such as planning for the City Council seem slightly more appealing in his measured eyes than covering one of them with a patch. This threw caution to the wind with a shit ton of dad jokes and puns, and squeezed every pirate trope the team could think of into its 5 minute run time, from swashbuckling to kidnapping. Whilst I loved the camerawork to start I felt that as the film went on it lacked the energy that could have elevated it as most shots were steady with little movement. I know that's nitpicking given the film was set on a docked boat, but then that was your choice.

Really exceptionally cute. Family team? I wrote one word in my notes: "love". That is what I feel here. So cheerful and with such a genuine flourish, and yet so unexpected! The Wellington City Council! Pirates! The two combined! It's so wonderful that I cease to be able to accurately describe it. In terms of actual film making, sure, perhaps it isn't the cleanest or the most controlled; but the script is incredible and wonderfully creative and the acting is lively. This was a film I thoroughly enjoyed.

A family of pirates arrive in Wellington City, but there are cracks in the family dynamic. Their son does not want to follow their pirate aspirations but instead wants to work for the land-loving council. Great opening overhead shot that was nominated in Wellington for best overhead shot. Also nominated for best location for shooting on a yacht in the Marina. This family-made movie goes all out on the pirate theme with high energy performances, some amusing local jokes about the bus service and a feel-good ending.

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