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by from the punch dimension


Sock puppets have a spaghetti-eating competition, only one of the contestants may not be quite who they seem to be. Is the fact that one of them is the size of a human the giveaway when all the others fit on hands and feet? Only time will tell. Absolutely farcical and surreal I was completely sold on this sock world as it felt hypnotic to me. It honestly felt fully formed from the jibberish language, to little and not so little details such as not having teeth being key to being allowed to enter the competition. Whilst the location could have had a bit more detail to it to be more engaging, the team overcame the plain background with lots of close ups and a large variety of colours on screen giving this energy and vigour.

A competitive pasta eating competition is a splatter race of spaghetti and sauce by some sock hand puppets. Sock feet are mumbling some incoherent sport style commentary to keep the film moving along. The ending is genuinely surprising when you see who the puppet master is. This team got messy for this film. Mood: creative, surreal and silly. Things to improve: tighter edit and the music was a bit overbearing.

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