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Henry's 21st

by Raw Washed Arabica


This was stunning - loved the style and the overall concept. Was really enjoying how it felt like we as an audience were being tested by the experimental tape and kinda felt like it didn’t need the ending with the family (though I see how that ties it into the genre). Great editing, visuals and sound.

Most artistic film ever made in Wellington? Yes I'm going to call it. Most artistic film ever made in the comp? Possibly, it's right up there with Brothers by ADHDMI that's for sure. The family who put on the vhs that they thought was a family birthday sure get the shock of their lives when it turns out to be a 4 part stimulating sensory overload video by the Institute of Applied Psychoanalytics. Audio, visual, reflex and dissociation were the stages to experience, and boy oh boy were they experiences all right. From waves crashing to the serene forest, fingers scraped and squeezed along metal and through bananas, this was an absolute delight. I haven't even talked about the colour palette that simply blew me away as bright yellows, purples and blue hues filled the screen cleanly yet effectively. Our instructor also put in one hell of a performance. We have a contender. Anyone for cake?

Default Avatar Thesuperpanda

Another out the box idea and wow some great shots and such a unique story. It keeps the audience engaged and keeps the whole story entertaining by throwing out curve balls to keep drawing in the audience.

48 Hour films are often weird- the time makes use do weird things. This is weird and they wanted it that way. I've seen a few heats over the years and this one had everyone, and I mean everyone, cringing at just the right moments. The images stay with you (in a good way) and the sound simply builds on what you see.

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