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Girls Night

by Dusty Sundays


Default Avatar dawkward

This really felt like it was done in good spirits so will review accordingly. Very funny. Great chemistry between two blokes. Some solid reveals and top tier execution on jokes. On form all round.

Another great film with a fun sense of humour. It takes what could have been an offensive premise on so many different levels and instead creates a fun film that celebrates friendship in such a distinctly kiwi way. Meat pies for bra padding was a brilliantly funny site gag. The absurdity of the whole film was pure 48 hours madness, and I loved it.

Default Avatar Hotlips

This film could have been quite an offensive story if not done right. Two kiwi blokes who's secret identity is a couple of girls who just want to get loose on the town. Fortunately for us, this was executed very well and packed with humour. Loads of gags. Great surprise reveal also. This film definitely embodies the 48hour spirit, fun, hectic, yet oddly satisfying. One of my faves of the night.

She'll be right humour of a couple of wind turbine pokie loving dudes leads to a night of...body swapping into beautiful women??!! Yeah this was wild in terms of the secret identity aspect of the film, using the genre to drive the story and all the better for it. Lots and lots of audience laughs and not surprised it did well in audience favourite voting, but for me this was technically quite a mix. The titular girl's night was extremely well shot given that it focused on dark night clubs for the most part and yet colours and contrast popped, but the opening scene and bedroom scenes looked very plain in comparison. I also feel the story was pretty threadbare despite the wild originality. The bookending was nice and the pie joke was hilarious, mind. Poor Nugget. Edit, fuck it I'll bump it to a 5/7 as it was very entertaining despite my reservations. The joys of star ratings! :)

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Awesome use of wind. Great overhead shot. Great travel shots. That van seems well loved as we saw the entire team leave in it afterwards. Those tradies were absolute babes. This film narrowed the gap in differences between men and women. I loved it for that. Very few films manage that. Next year, I'd like to see the camera feel a bit heavier. There was a hint of 'home movie' to it, which is probably the only reason it didn't overtake Plant as an audience favorite.

Default Avatar Dolly Zoom

Very funny and snappy. Some of the best laughs on the night came from this film. Manages to pack in a surprising amount of gags in a short time, including sound effects and a pie call back. The subject matter could have been a disaster, two males with a female alter ego, but I think the film had enough charm and humour to do it well. Done in great spirits. There were even a few slick shots that impressed me. This film has a rough gem vibe about it to me. Everything about it was pretty strong, just could do with a little polish. But hey, not every film is going to be polished in 48 hours.

A couple of rugged kiwi tradesman knock off work early for a girls night out. This film starts with some cracker energy with it's tight cuts, upbeat soundtrack and it is full of local humour. The audience reaction to the reveal at the heats was fun to experience. It could have been really rough if not treated right, but your team nailed it and it was bursting with the 48Hour type humour that people love. The overhead shot was great! Things to improve - Sound recording in the wind, the very faint soundtrack that ran throughout the whole film - it could have benefitted from some sound design or another soundtrack, rather than dropping the levels right down.

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