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by Banana


Woah the cinematography here was second to none - literally felt like watching a pretty polished feature film for the most part. Epic opening shot. Was helped slightly by the Bali location, though would have been nice to see a bit more outside as a good chunk of this occurred in a hotel room. Kinda lucky you drew Holiday as a genre right?? To be totally honest, I didn't follow the story and didn't quite get the ending...

Default Avatar levernbraefilms

Exceptionally well shot, production was great, sound was professional. When it started it had the feel of a Netflix show- perhaps due to the quality colour grading. Story was uninspired but simple and effective- classic 48 hours style narrative. I think the ending with the yellow hat could have been worked in a bit better, seemed a bit shoe-horned- maybe I missed something. Actors worked really well on screen.

Lots of shots that made you go damn from a cinematography point of view, as a holidaying couple chilled out in a Bali hotel, only tensions are a bit rife with the woman almost constantly on her phone, rather than just enjoying the beautiful pool for example. The fact that the team were able to show glimpses of relationship issues through simple gestures was impressive in my book, as the main actor conveyed trepidation and annoyance at her use of technology, whilst she displayed a sneaky behind the back cheater impressively well. At the same time it was left up to the viewer's interpretation as to how solid their relationship was when noises were heard in the night; was closing the window a comfort thing? But I liked the open-endedness of it all. As to the ending? Yeah it didn't quite stick, and a little bit cold, but to me it was pieced together well enough. Kind of surprised this isn't in the Wellington final to be honest. Especially given all the sound design and music was original and extremely on point too...

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