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Canned Laughter

by Firehouse Films


Default Avatar 山 武

The cinematography was spectacular. Tragically, this film was riddled with sound design inconsistencies and hammy acting. It was so close to being good, with a bit more feeling from the lead the finale would have been a hit.

Ohhhh man I enjoyed this black comedy until the final 30 seconds. Stab stab murder resolution really bummed me out. Sigh. The main reason I really dug it is that your camerawork was out of this world in places, with the wrestling down the hill one of the best action shots I have seen in 48Hours in many years. Whilst an interesting decision from an editing point of view, the canned laughter worked because you committed to it and I did notice a few laughs around the cinema. I would have liked a little bit more story from the two 'friends' as a trip through the park where one steals a bike, pushes the other over, fights them and then finishes it all was a bit dark given we didn't really establish the relationship between the 2 before the action commenced. But yeah, camera work was golden and spectacular cinematography which is why you're getting stars.

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